Rodarte & Black Swan

The fashion community started buzzing when the first images of Natalie Portman in Black Swan were revealed earlier this year.  Now, with the wide release of the film this Friday, it seems Kate and Laura Mulleavy are still the talk of the town.  

Kate and Laura Mulleavy - Rodarte
Having had the opportunity to screen the film, the costumes are just one of the many elements that went into creating this art/ballet/psychological thriller.  What Kate and Laura were able to do was to combine the tone and elegance of the ballet world with the all-consuming narrative woven by Darren Aronofsky - essentially creating costumes that reflected both the beautiful and dramatic struggle of our main character as well as the fine line between real life and fantasy.
Natalie Portman - Black Swan
Like many of his films, Aronofsky layers intricate details about character, human nature, love, hate, and passion into the film Black Swan.  Natalie Portman plays a budding ballet star who's life seems to begin imitating art after being cast as the lead in Swan Lake. Stuck between the desire for perfection and the trappings of real life, Portman's character delves deep into the psyche of the "artist".

To experience the costumes first hand, be sure to see the film this weekend and keep an eye out for possible nominations come award season!

[Photos via: Fox Searchlight

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