Out of Office: Milan Fashion Week

Hi T.A.O. Readers,

Sorry that posts have been so intermittent but I've been traveling and will get back to normal updates soon.  I'm currently in Milan for Men's Fashion week and will be sure to send updates and photos ASAP.

Until then,
The Aesthetic Omnivore

Birche Magazine

What is Birche Magazine?

Pronounced: "Birch" - Inspired by magazines of the 20th century, Birche  is a fully illustrated Men's fashion and lifestyle online magazine. Designed to be  a showcase for Founder Michael Sanderson's artwork, Birche Magazine was launched in 2010. The site is pop-art-meets-fashion all wrapped in the trappings of an online magazine.  Mr. Sanderson's philosophy is that though fashion may change, his illustrations will always reflect a moment in time and a documentation of culture.

Birche Magazine presents five looks suitable for a summer in the East Coast or the West Coast.  All images are styled and illustrated by Michael Sanderson:

For more information on all of the fashion seen in the above illustrations, please visit Birche Magazine. 

For more about Michael Sanderson, visit his illustrations page.