M.I.A.: Matthew Edelstein

Matthew Edelstein's well-known blog, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, seems to have gone missing!!!

The former Details fashion editor's pioneering editorial site seems to be down at the moment.  We can only hope things are back up and running soon!!

Some CE/Matthew features on other blogs:

Blog Spotlight: suspect no concept store barcelona

A great blog with an interesting perspective on design, fashion, and products.  Check it out and let them know The Aesthetic Omnivore sent you.

enjoy: suspect

Paraty Perfection: Marcio Kogan's Ultimate Beach House

Located on the coastline of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil you'll find the preserved Portuguese colonial and Brazilian Imperial town of Paraty.  Previously home to one of the richest gold mines in the world, Paraty is now a popular tourist spot because of it's charm and ideal tropical climate.

Though much of the original architecture and historical districts remain, the area has been touched by clean lines and modern simplicity.  

The Marcio Kogan Architects (known for their ultra-sleek but textural designs) are responsible for this two-box structure that is cantilevered off the side of a mountain - both juxtaposing the surroundings but also becoming one with nature.  

With an open floor plan and open-doorway living, the design brings the inside on and outside in.  With extensive, rooftop gardens and 20th Century furniture, the home is a showcase of modern luxury and design.

Photos By: Nelson Kon


Paris Street Art - Montmartre

Montmartre Paris France - 

Known as the last remaining village in Paris and seated high above the city, the charming area of Montmartre is home to many painters and artists.  A one-time home of the greats like Picasso, Renoir, and Monet, the city continues to be home to many charming streets peppered with various forms of gorilla artwork.  Check out some of the great images I captured during my last trip to Paris:


Designer Profile: Yayoi Kusama

Growing up in an oppressive Japanese household, self-described "obsessive artist" Yayoi Kusama suffered from mental and physical abuse as a child.  Her obsessive thoughts were often suicidal in nature, but it was the hallucinations she experienced as a little girl- nets, dots, and flowers which covered every surface- that later defined her art and ultimately, saved her life.  "If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago", Kusama has often said.  Her ubiquitous and now famous polka dot motifs have covered everything from everyday household items to pumpkins and naked assistants.  With the November 2008 sale by Christies New York of one of Kosama's works for $5.1 million (a record for a living female artist) and a blockbuster exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery this year, her presence is felt more than ever, and her influence is clearly evident in a recent stroll through the trend-setting boutiques of Aoyama.

10 Corso Como - Aoyama


10 Corso Como - Aoyama

Aoyama Photos Courtesy of Blake Kuwahara - Focus Group West

Les Puces (The Fleas): Paris Flea Market

My travels recently took me to the beautiful city of Paris.  As some of you may know, a trip to this great city wouldn't be complete without a Sunday afternoon at the flea market.  With merchandising that would rival major boutiques, Le Puces is full of great people & great finds.


New Banner - The Aesthetic Omnivore

A few of you have already noticed our new blog banner at the top of the page!!  As some of you may already know, The Aesthetic Omnivore has teamed up with Focus Group West to produce a photo shoot for original blog content - that's right, a full editorial spread featuring top fashions, great architecture and talented models.  The banner is just a teaser of what is to come.  

Thanks to the whole team for some great images.

More to come...

Model: Greg Peralta
Photo Credit: Phil Harvey