Manhattan's Long Lost City Hall Subway Station

Originally built in 1904 by the Interborough Rapid Trasit (IRT) Company, the City Hall station on the "Manhattan Main Line" was intended to be the showpiece of the newly created subway system in NYC.

Designed with brass fixtures, arched skylights, and tiled ceilings, it is still considered one of the most aesthetically spectacular subway stations in the world of mass transit. This "secret subway" stop had been out of circulation for many years.  Increased subway use demanded newly designed trains that couldn't make the sharp curve at standard speeds past the Brooklyn Bridge stop and the station was shut down at the end of 1945. 
Plans to open the station as part of the New York Transit Museum were halted after security issued were raised following the September 11th attacks in NYC.  
However, the website Jalopnik is reporting that you can now stay on the train as it makes it's standard turnaround giving riders a brief glimpse of NYC history.

A must see!

For more history and pictures, check out the NYCSubway website.

available photo credits: John-Paul Palescandolo

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