Lute Suites / Amsterdam

As I mentioned previously, some of my travels of late have been to far and exotic places like...Amsterdam! Having spent two weeks traveling for business, a coworker and I made a quick stop in Amsterdam to check things out. Charming cobblestone streets, friendly people, great food, and the faint smell of..."coffee"...greated us upon arrival.  

Deciding to explore the area, we chose a hotel that was just out of town - The Lute Suites.

Situated on the grounds of a old gun-powder factory and adjacent to famed Dutch chef Peter Lute's restraunt, the Lute Suites were conceived and originally designed by Marcel Wanders.  Mixing modern elements with classic Dutch architecture, the hotel is a must-see for design loving travelers.

I stayed in Suite 6 and my business associate stayed in Suite 7 - here are some of the pics!

Suite 7 bathroom vanity
Suite 7 bathroom 
Suite 7 bedroom loft with tufted wall
Suite 7 living room

Suite 6 pics coming soon!

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