Chateau Marmont; 1930's charm in the city of Los Angeles

Often shrouded in mystery and the place of Hollywood tabloid fodder, the Chateau Marmont is actually a small oasis of calm, old-world style and charm within the city of Los Angeles.

One of my favorite places to grab some lunch and spot a recognizable face, the service is decent and the ambience is worth a few extra bucks for your salad.

Built in 1927, the building was originally an apartment complex until the recession forced the owner to convert it to a hotel in 1931.  In over 80 years, the hotel has played host to many elite events but has often been selective about it's use in film and television.

Recently, however, acclaimed director Sofia Coppola recruited the hotel as the prime location for her upcoming film Somewhere.  The film follows Stephen Dorff's character as he stumbles through a half-baked acting career and struggles with stardom and reality until he is visited by his 11-year-old daughter.

A perfect setting for the film, Chateau Marmont brings character to the screen with it's charming decor and pitch-perfect arrangement of classic 1930's French design.

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