Vivian Maier - Street Photographer

It would seem that Vivian Maier may continue to elude the captive audience that has recently discovered her talents.  If you haven't heard, Vivian Maier was a nanny in Chicago during the 1950's.  It was during that time that she took to the windy streets to take what may be considered some of the most impressive street photography images of the 1950's and 1960's.  But who was this woman who is capturing the attention of photography lovers and art critics alike?

Vivian Maier 1926-2009
Described by her employers as a "loner", Vivian Maier spent her free time doing what she did best; scouring the streets, whether knowingly or not, documenting brief but beautiful moments in time. John Maloof, who discovered a large collection of her work in 2007 has found himself spending the majority of his time archiving and cataloguing what could amount to thousands upon thousands of breathtaking images.

See his story here:

Though the mystique of who this woman was may add intriguing layers to this story, it's safe to say that her work needs no backstory or introduction.

The images she left us can speak for themselves:

Vivian Maier's work is now on exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center and more information and updates about her can be found on John Maloof's blog: Vivian Maier - Her Work Discovered

[Photo Source: Vivian Maier - Her Work Discovered]

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