Scott Schumann: The Sartorialist

Photographer Scott Schumann, Milan
In case you don't already know, Scott Schumann (aka The Sartorialist) was born in Indiana and majored in Apparel Merchandising at Indiana University.  He worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years in sales and marketing for designer collections and distributors.  He eventually started a showroom in New York to foster the growth of new designers.

Shortly after 9/11, he closed his showroom and began focusing on his photography.  It was then that he took to the streets to shoot real people in real fashion - The Sartorialist blog was born.

Although he never wanted to become a fashion photographer, his strategy for The Sarorialist was "to try and shoot style in a way (he) knew designers hunted for inspiration".

Photographer Scott Schuman, Milan
Check out the Intel Visual Life video below - a documentary style look at The Sartorialist by Director Tyler Manson.

Also check out a great interview with Joseph Aguirre the Director of Photography - here.

Special thanks to Hannelore at Double7 Images for bringing the Schumann video to our attention!

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