Adele - "Rolling In The Deep"

Continuing with the music trend of late, I must confess that I haven't been able to stop watching the video for Adele's first single "Rolling In The Deep" from her latest album entitled "21".  Described by the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter (Best New Artist 2009) herself as a "dark, bluesy gospel disco tune", the song would indicate that Adele isn't headed for the sophomore slump typically attributed to an artists' follow up to a well-received first album.

The song and lyrics aside, the video (seen below) is one of my favorites in years.  Directed by Sam Brown who brings subtle touches of drama to an otherwise simple and sophisticated video. Visually dark, rich, and vibrant all at the same time, the finer details of color, lighting, and movement (the female contemporary dance) can't be ignored.

The director, best known for chart-topping videos for James Blunt, Corinne Bailey Rae, and James Morrison is the only UK director to be featured in the top-ten of Promo Magazine's "most airplay" list (2006).

For more on Adele visit her website.  For more on Sam Brown, check out his portfolio of videos here.

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