Sustainability In Design

Just because you're reducing your carbon footprint or trading your clunker in for cash doesn't mean you have to forgo style or design.

In today's marketplace, there is an ever growing desire for Eco-friendly products that are not only better for the environment and your home but also functional and pleasing to the eye.

Check out some of these great pieces - brought to you by Branch

The Relief Chair is made from medium-density wool, stainless steel, and water based adhesive. Designed by: Ben K. Mickus - 2008

The bamboo veneer and shoji paper used for these lamps is sourced from a sustainably-managed forest in China. The Moso Lamp was designed by Brian Schmitt in 2007

The Cortiça is a chaise lounge made of cork - a naturally renewable material that is lightweight, waterproof and impervious to mold and rot. Designed by: Daniel Michalik - 2004

Simple in design, this bold pitcher set is manufactured in Portland, Oregon with recycled glass pieces and in an electric furnace that is powered by wind energy. Designed by: Andi Kovel - 2008

Paying homage to George Nelson's famous slat bench, the "Georgie" Table is an early Eco-friendly design. In addition to being made of recyclable material, the table is manufactured in New York by hand to reduce construction waste. Designed by: Todd Seidman - 2004

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